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After being dumped just before his wedding, Diego and his two cousins, Julián and José Miguel, travel to the village where they spent summer vacations as kids.
Diego’s revenge is simple: to seduce his school sweetheart, the gorgeous Martina .

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Después de ser plantado justo antes de su boda, Diego y dos de sus primos, Julián y José Miguel, viajan al pueblo donde suelen pasar las vacaciones de verano.
La venganza de Diego es simple: consiste en seducir a su novia de la infancia, la guapa Martina.

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DarkBlueAlmostBlack is a state of mind, an uncertain future, a colour: a colour that we don’t always recognize and which varies depending on the light, the medium and the mood.

After his father suffers a stroke, Jorge is forced to take over his job. He has spent the last few years working hard, caring for his father and finishing college, but now he wants to strike out on his own.

Through his brother Antonio, he meets Paula, a woman with whom he develops an unusual relationship. Through her, Jorge learns to stop feeling responsible for everything and finally confront his own wishes, ignoring what the world expects of him. Everything should change for Jorge as a result… but it may not.

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Historias triangulares y dilemas de hoy se entremezclan en lo que parece ser el destino de Jorge, un chico que luchará por lo que quiere y no por lo que debe. Aunque eso a veces signifique ir en contra de su propio entorno, donde cohabitan varios personajes. Una oportunidad que podrá cambiarlo todo… o no.

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