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After bidding a final farewell to the late Eugenio, Isi´s father, by firing a canon and knocking down a toomb of irreplacable value, Isi and Disi were ordered by the judge to either pay a fine or loose the ¨kampana del infierno¨.

In order to find it the members of Ratamuerta instigated a contest – ¨the most brutal gang¨. The contest was presented by the impressionable Angie (Kira Miró) and led by Berdún (Gran Wyoming).


Tras despedir al difunto Eugenio (padre de Isi) disparando un cañón y derrumbando un mausoleo de incalculable valor, Isi y Disi se enfrentan a la amenaza del juez de pagar la multa o perder “La Kampana del Infierno”.

Para conseguirlo, los componentes de Ratamuerta se apuntarán a un concurso de “la banda más brutal” presentado por la impresionante Angie (Kira Miró) y dirigido por Berdún (Gran Wyoming).

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