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Angela (Maribel Verdú) and her son Guille travel to the big city to see Leo, her father and the boy’s grandfather, when he suddenly takes ill. However, they arrive to discover that he has just passed away. Charo (Blanca Portillo), the dead man’s mistress, explains the dire straits suffered by the paternal business: a hall with seven billiard tables. Charo is convinced that the only way to pay off the debts is to sell the place. However, Angela learns that her husband has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Given this painful reality, Angela resolves to get on and rebuild her life. And the first thing she decides to do is put her savings into getting the old place and its seven tables back up on its feet.

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Ángela (Maribel Verdú) y su hijo Guille viajan a la gran ciudad ante la repentina enfermedad de Leo, padre de ella y abuelo del chico. Cuando llegan, poco después del caluroso amanecer de un día de verano, Charo (Blanca Portillo), amante de Leo, pone a Ángela al corriente de la ruina del negocio paterno: un local en el que se alinean siete mesas de billar. Ángela decide entonces intentar reflotar la sala de billares.

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rv p nov  2010

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