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Lucía, an active little girl, looses a tooth. Santiago, her father, is an out-of-work boss, and her mother, Pilar, is a successful but overworked architect, reassure Lucía, by telling her that the Hairy Tooth Fairy (a mouse named Perez) will come to her bedroom to collect her tooth, leaving some money in its place. A mouse who had been monitoring the situation tells another mouse, who in turn tells another mouse… until finally the news reaches Pérez, The Hairy Tooth Fairy, who lives in a boat in the port along with hundreds of other mice. They receive the teeth that he collects, and then clean, shape and polish them so that they can be transformed into shiny round pearls. These pearls are then carried through the city’s sewers until finally they reach the jewellers owned by Morientes, where an old friend exchanges them for their weight in gold. What would normally be a routine trip for the legendary rodent takes an unexpected turn for the worse when heartless, malicious scoundrels kidnap Pérez to take his boat and his fortune for themselves. Lucía, with the help of her cousin Ramiro, disobeys her parents and sets out to rescue Pérez, thus beginning a fascinating adventure with an outcome that just goes to show that you don’t have to be a child to believe.

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 Lucía vive con sus padres en un barrio tranquilo. La noche que pierde su primer diente, el Ratoncito Pérez no llega a dejarle la moneda. Lucía se preocupa y siente que algo malo le ha sucedido a Pérez. Angustiada, le cuenta a su padre sus sospechas, pero él no le presta atención. Así pues, decide emprender la búsqueda de Pérez, ayudada por su primo Ramiro. Pronto descubrirán que el Ratoncito Pérez vive en un barco donde tiene una factoría perfectamente organizada, donde viven miles de ratones que hacen perlas con los dientes que recolectan de los niños. En el camino van a conocer a Pipo, un personaje no muy fiable que tratará de despistar a los niños. Pipo es el sobrino de Morientes, que es el socio y amigo del Ratoncito Pérez. Se trata de un joven ambicioso y tramposo que hace creer a los niños que es su aliado, pero su verdadera intención es sacar al Ratoncito Pérez del medio y quedarse con su imperio de perlas.

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