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Mariano (Karra Elejalde) is a seller of cassettes of road very fond of alcohol, women and drugs … a real gem. One day, by chance leads him to give a cabezadita next to a field of marijuana that the Civil Guard is burning.

In a moment of stasis, as a result of tremendous High, our protagonist thinks to see the Virgin. From then decided to consider life in another way, by dragging an entire group of loyal followers and strong character that would fill a few hours of any television program in the early morning …

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, in a small village in central Europe lives the sadistic marquis Karl and his wife Erzebeth Bathory, who is worried about the irrepressible arrival of old age.

An old enchanting sorceress constantly remembers that the previous countess Bathory always kept young thanks to baths filled with the blood of young virgin women. One day, one of their young servants suffered an accident and her blood spilled on Erzebeth’s skin with rejuvenating effects.
The count dies of a heart attack and, little after, the young women of the village start to disappear.

Mariano (Karra Elejalde) es un vendedor de cassettes de carretera muy aficionado al alcohol, las mujeres y las drogas… una verdadera joya. Un día, la casualidad lo lleva a dar una cabezadita junto a un campo de marihuana que la Guardia Civil está quemando.

En un momento de éstasis, fruto del tremendo colocón, nuestro protagonista cree ver a la Virgen. A partir de ahí decide plantearse la vida de otra forma, arrastrando a todo un grupo de fieles seguidores y a unos cuantos caraduras que llenarían las horas de cualquier programa televisivo de madrugada…

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