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Live-in Maid (lit. bed inside) phrase used to define the condition of an in-house, full-time maid. Dora (51) is the maid of Mrs. Beba (59) and has worked and lived with her for 35 years.

Beba used to be a well-to-do socialite but successive economic and personal crises have worn her out, reducing her to a purveyor of decadence.

Nowadays she finds herself forced to sell door-to-door beauty products. Her thick gold rings, and her maid, Dora, are the last bastions of a lifestyle of which she refuses to let go. Dora came at 17 from the Chaco province to work as a full time maid at Beba’s apartment.

Since then she has managed to start building a house in one of the shantytowns outside Buenos Aires. However, she is unable to complete the construction of her own house because Beba owes Dora six months of salary.

Beba (59) supo ser una dama de clase acomodada. Fue dueña de su propia casa de cosméticos, pero hoy se ve forzada a trabajar como vendedora puerta a puerta de productos de belleza.

Sus gruesos aros de oro y su mucama, Dora, son los últimos bastiones de un estatus que no se resigna a perder. Dora (51) llegó a los diecisiete años desde la provincia del Chaco para trabajar “cama adentro” en la casa de la señora Beba.

Desde entonces, con el dinero de su sueldo ha ido construyendo una casita en un asentamiento de la periferia de Buenos Aires. Sin embargo, Dora no puede terminar su casa porque Beba le adeuda seis meses de sueldo.

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