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Torrente is a lazy, rude, drunkard, sexist, racist, extreme-right-wing Madrid cop; a despicable character who only cares about himself. He lives in a decrepit slum with his wheelchair-bound father, whom he treats quite badly. One day, a new family of neighbours move in, and the sexy younger daughter, Amparito, catches his eye, so he becomes a friend of Rafi, her nerdy brother, to get closer to her. At the same time, he discovers that a band of drug traffickers are operating in a nearby chinese restaurant; he knows that if he cracks this case, it could make him regain the status he lost within the police department; but the only people he can count on to help him are Rafi and his equally nerdy friends.

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Torrente narra las aventuras de un policía español fascista, machista, racista, alcohólico… y del Atleti. Este magnifico representante de las fuerzas del orden vive con su padre parapléjico en Madrid, donde desempeña su labor de “defensor” de la justicia. Gracias a su olfato descubre, en su propio barrio, una importante red de narcotraficantes. Con la ayuda de unos amigos muy especiales pondrá en marcha un arriesgado plan para desarticularla…

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 rv v feb  2009

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