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manuela saezIt is 1856 and a whaler approaches Paita, the last redoubt of Peru – a rusty fishing port where only poverty and oblivion are to be found. Among the ship’s crew is Herman Melville, a young sailor hatching up the idea of writing the story of a whale called Moby Dick. In Paita lives a woman who, thirty years before, had socked the continent and whose name had been erased from history books. She is Manuela Sáenz, Simon Bolivar’s most passionate lover. An everlasting Latinamerican hero, Bolivar commanded the great Latin American Revolution during the first half of the 19th century. Since then, he has been known as The Liberator.

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Es 1856. En Paita, un oxidado puerto pesquero de Perú, se encuentra una mujer que escandalizó a todo el continente treinta años atrás. Su presencia fue borrada de los libros de historia: se trata de Manuela Sáenz, el gran amor de Simón Bolivar, héroe venezolano que comandó la gran revolución suramericana en la primera mitad del siglo XIX, llamado desde entonces El Libertador.

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