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Jules is a lonely night-time radio announcer who wants to settle down. His ex-girlfriend Lola is determined to find him a girlfriend even though Jules never approves. She herself is going to marry Luis a well-known gynaecologist.

April is an Argentinean musicologist who is spending a year in Madrid working on her thesis. Without them realizing they often go to the same places, read the same thing and listen to the same kind of music.

April goes to Luis’s consulting room and Lola is there as well. She immediately decides that April is the perfect woman for Julio and starts to make a plan for them to meet up. April listens to the radio and there is a great link between them.

Finally they meet at Lola and Luis’s wedding but things don’t turn out as hoped and an unexpected event pushes these soul mates apart. But fate can overcome any obstacle.

Julio es un locutor de radio soltero que trabaja por las noches y con ganas de sentar la cabeza. Su ex-novia, Lola se empeña en buscarle novia aunque Julio nunca da el visto bueno. Ella va a casarse con Luis, un celebre ginecólogo.

Abril es una musicóloga argentina que se encuentra en Madrid, por un año, preparando una tesis. Sin ellos saberlo, muy a menudo coinciden en lugares, leen lo mismo, escuchan la misma música…

Abril pasa por la consulta de Luis y Lola coincide con ella. En seguida piensa que Abril sería la mujer ideal para Julio y comienza a urdir un plan para que se conozcan. April escucha la radio y hay una conexión entre los dos.

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